Eating Disorders: Current Experience

No1, 2019





…We all work hard with eating disorders, and often encounter despair and powerlessness in our work

The psychotherapist is alone in the office!

…How important it is to find strength, time and place for live communication with colleagues, like-minded people

Hubert Lacy,

Professor of Psychiatry at St. George, London University,

(from a speech at the ECED-2019 conference).


We are pleased to present to your attention the first issue of the journal “Eating Disorders: Modern Experience”, prepared by the Association of doctors and psychologists “Eating Disorders: Therapy and Prevention” (Ukraine).

The main idea of creating the magazine was to summarize many years of world and domestic experience in the field of eating disorders, to provide an opportunity for specialists in various areas of exchange their scientific and practical findings, to draw public attention to the urgent problem of eating disorders, especially among teenagers and young adults.

In the first issue of the journal, we present the scientific and practical materials of the 3rd International Round Table “Features of the team approach in the treatment of eating disorders”, which brought together experts from Ukraine, Latvia, Germany and Russia.

The journal contain two main sections.

Section 1. Scientific research in the field of eating disorders.

Main articles and talking points:

  • A model for helping people with problematic eating behavior and weight loss (V. Shebanova)
  • Variability of perception of the concept of “food” in people with an eating disorder (orthorexia nervosa) (Fateeva M.)
  • Psychodiagnostic component of eating disorders study: foreign methods and technics review (Yashchishina Yu.)
  • Voluntary and involuntary ED treatment in correlation with the mental disorders level in the pathology of eating behavior (Brukhin A., Lineva T.)
  • New approaches in laboratory methods for studying the molecular and biochemical mechanisms of the development of anorexia nervosa (N. Naumova)
  • Relation of the symptoms of anxiety and depression to body satisfaction among medical students (Yuryeva L., Kokashinsky V., Shusterman T., Vaskovets N.)


Section 2. Eating disorders – from practical experience.

  • Intuitive nutrition as a way of eating disorders treatment (D. Boyko)
  • Nonspecific factors of ED treatment: purging type anorexia case study (Lazarenko O.)
  • Intrapersonal conflicts and self image within the ED contexts (Averkova D.)
  • ED clinics personnel efficient skills training (Makarova A.)
  • Interoceptive awareness development in eating disorders. Specialized programs integration into team work, including work with corporeity (T. Nazarenko)
  • Eating disorders psychopharmacotherapy (Okonishnikova E., Brukhin A., Lineva T.)
  • Principles of therapy for children and teenagers suffering from eating disorders (Svetina M. (Marina Svētiņa))


Besides of that you will also find the overview of the ECED-2019 conference “Eating Disorders: a Transdisciplinary Approach to Understanding and Care” (Paris, 2019) as well as some of the techniques from “affordable education” webinars to help practitioners. It also provides an opportunity to get acquainted with some effects of the Association work and its new international projects.

We hope that you will consider the materials presented in the journal helpful for your work. We will appreciate your feedback as well as new opportunities for cooperation.

We are grateful to all our colleagues who contributed to the first issue of the journal, expecially to the participants of our international editorial board: M. Svetina, E. Okonishnikova, E. Bryukhin, N. Naumova; the Organizing Committee of the National ED Association: T. Nazarenko, O. Sushko, O. Lazarenko, M. Belousova, N. Volchenskaya, N. Chalova, the Association Secretary; the reviewers: V. Shebanova, L. Yurieva, O. Gulbs; L. Lysak, the language editor as well as to the authors of the articles and the talking points.


To order the Journal please email your request to the editors at [email protected], indicating your name, phone number, city and Nova Poshta department number, and we will send you the appropriate invoice.


Yours faithfully,

Julia Yashchishina, Editor-in-chief,

Marina Fateeva
, Deputy Editor-in-Chief