About the Partnership and Information Support Committee of the Association

The Partnership and Information Support Committee of the Association is a working collegial body for prevention, information support for relatives and family members with ED, for cooperation with other public organizations and the media to support interest and public attention to prevention and to help in this group of disorders.

Committee functions

  • Providing family members with children with ED (parents and children, relatives and friends) with the opportunity to exchange information on how to interact, prevent and treat ED, creating information platforms, forums and groups, disseminating information to support relatives and educate them (including at seminars, workshops, forums, conferences conducted by the Association);
  • Creation of informational occasions to attract public attention to the problem of ED, working with the media, writing educational articles for parents and relatives (with ED in adulthood), creating a friendly and welcoming informational environment for parents of children with RPP, and preventing stigmatization of this group disorders;
  • Organization of joint activities with other public organizations interested in the prevention of mental disorders or dealing with child development and education; cooperation with sports institutions, clubs or healthcare institutions, individual specialists, with the purpose of getting more information about risks of developing ED.
  • Creation and moderation of an information platform for parents / family members and relatives with ED for self-help and self-support, creation of a parent community of interested and active relatives to prevent and reduce the risks of the frequency of ED and reduce the severity of the course of the disorder.

Committee contacts

You can contact the Committee’s specialists by this number +83(099)-484-77-04 or send a message to the email address: [email protected]