About the Ethics Committee of the Association

The priority task of the ethics committee is to monitor compliance with professional boundaries and norms, as well as the development of a community of specialists in assisting professions in the treatment of eating disorders.

Committee functions

– Maintaining ethical standards of behavior for the Association’s specialists at a high professional level;

– Assistance to the Association in the processes of training and certification, the implementation of ethical standards for specialists working with ED;

– The commitment to protect the public from harm from unskilled professionals;

– Interaction and cooperation with a wide range of partner associations of psychotherapists.


The main powers of the Committee include:

1) the formulation of ethical standards for acceptance by the Association;

2) investigation of allegations of unethical behavior by members of the association;

3) making decisions on allegations of unethical behavior.

Please note that about controversial issues regarding the activities of psychologists not included in the register of our organization, the committee can only provide advisory informational messages.