About the Scientific Committee of the Association

The Scientific Committee of the Association is a working collegial body for research and technology in the field of eating disorders (ED).

Committee functions

  • providing specialists (psychologists, doctors, teachers, social workers) with the opportunity to exchange scientific information, advanced technologies, experience and practice in the field of RPE (including at scientific and practical seminars, forums, conferences conducted by the Association);
  • Promoting informational and educational work in order to attract public attention to the problem of eating disorders, informing the public about this problem by providing scientifically based information and expert assessment on the platform of the Association’s website, in the media and public and state organizations;
  • organization of joint activities with research centers, specialized institutes, target groups of ED specialists;
  • organization of expert work in order to assess the quality of diagnostic tools, preventive, correctional and therapeutic programs in the field of ED and to promote the introduction of new developments and technologies (including the adaptation of methods, protocols, tests) in the field of ED.