Nataliia Zhdaniuk

Nataliia Zhdaniuk

Psychologist, Psychotherapist


Psychologist, psychoanalyst, gestalt therapist, gestalt coach, specialist in working with ED, chemical and non-chemical addictions.
Full-time individual counseling in Kiev and online, full-time and online group psychotherapy.

On my professional path, since 2016 the introduction of a private psychotherapeutic practice, I have a successful experience of working with eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder), chemical and non-chemical addictions (gambling addiction, alcohol and drug addiction , co-dependent behavior, work with relatives of addicts), anxiety, fears, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorders, panic attacks, personality crises and the search for a person’s own identity.
The area of my competence and professional interest is working with such topics as:

  • – Loneliness, apathy and lack of meaning in life
  • – Closure, difficulties in building relationships in society and with the immediate environment, building personal boundaries in relationships
  • – Difficulty in a relationship in a couple
  • – Problems of parent-child relationships
  • – Relationship with an abusive partner, psychological and / or physical abuse
  • – Loss of a loved one, experiencing acute grief and loss
  • – Age, existential crises


  • 2020

    International Institute of Depth Psychology

    Practical psychology. Specialization – psychoanalysis


  • 2016 – present – private psychology practice

    2015 – 2020 – psychologist, psychoanalyst (International Institute of Depth Psychology)

    2015 – 2019 – certified Gestal therapist (Moscow Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Counseling)

    2018 – 2019 – Gestalt Coach, Organizational Gestalt Therapist (Moscow Gestalt Institute / ASPPGA)

    2016 – 2017 – specialist in the treatment of eating disorders (Moscow Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Counseling) in the framework of the training program on working with eating disorders at the center for the treatment of eating disorders “Revokanda”

    2015 – present – participation in annual intensives and conferences based on training programs MIGTIK, MIGIS, ASPPGA)